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Bed Maintenance

Weed control, small limb removal, minimal deadheading, blowing off hard surfaces to provide your home with an effortless curb appeal.

The more often our crew visit the closer to perfection your landscaping will be. 

  • -once a month starting at $150/month (based on man hour- 2 people one hour)

  • -twice a month starting at $250/month (based on man hour- 2 people 2 hours)

  • -Once a week starting at $450/month (based on man hour - 2 people 4hours)


Bundle with our other services to receive more discounts. See our packages page to view our bundled packages or have a package custom made for your home!

Blanket Weed Spray​

Spraying the whole lawn with a weed killer for broadleaf weeds.

Starting at $270 

*prices depend on Sq. ft.

Pest Control

-Perimeter Pest Control $50 per Application (applications should be done every 30 days)

- Helps keep pesky pest Out of the home

Landscape Insecticide treatments

 Spraying for Japanese beetles and other harmful insects

starts at : $100/trees & shrubs, 2-3 applications suggested

* no trees or shrubs over 15'

** Price varies on quantity and size of perennials. Contact us for more pricing information.

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